Saturday, February 11, 2012

12 x 16 in. oil on canvas board
It is a long time since I have made an entry or done any paintingHaving finally started to paint again, this is my latest work in progress.  It is of the scene from the window of my new studio.  It is of the morning winter sun streaming across the blue ridge just into the Shenandoah valley.

At the end of last year we moved from our home in South Central Virginia, 3 hours north to be closer to a grandchild.  It was very sudden, and is a process that is still happening.  We will need to sell our home before we can move into a new one, so we are now living / camping in a 31 foot RV travel trailer, behind a barn in this very Picturesque location.  (I don't recommend that anyone get a retail transfer on the last week before Christmas)  Needless to say the events of the last 4 months have be crazy, and could fill the pages of a book.

Through this crazy time I had work in 2 different exhibitions that had to be prepared, delivered, and pick up.  Unfortunately one still hasn't been picked up, but we will get there.  I am now painting again in the living area of the RV.  even though the over all area we live in has been greatly reduced,  the area in which I paint is much better.  When we finally sell and get a new home, I can see this becoming my studio.  To get the dreamt for northern light, I will just have to situate the RV correctly, and will be able to hit the road with it from time to time as well.  The scene depicted above is constantly changing.  I can see it through the window now.  the mountain is gone behind a shroud of mist with the tantalizing promise of some snow in the air.  A few flakes have begun to fall as I write.  I could paint a thousand very different renditions of just this one view.  I can't wait until spring.   When viewed correctly, life is a never ending adventure.