Saturday, July 2, 2011

Exhibiting in group shows

Fleshing out colors and using masking tape.
For all the emphasis on making things happen, and having a business plan, all of which are very important, I think "happen chance" is right up there with them. In happen chance, Things happen by chance, because you are in the way of that chance when it comes. Last night I went to the opening of the summer groups show at the McGuffey Art Center. There was a lot of very good art, and I was very happy with how my work was hung. I also think that the prices I chose following my gallery crawl in Richmond were right on the mark. Once I was able to join the center as an associate artist, I immediately have some exposure for my work in a place that is actually visited by serious art buyers and fellow artists alike. It also gives me access to a solo in the cycle of members shows. Without that kind of exposure, trying to get work into a good gallery is very challenging. You have to produce and expose. I also saw when visiting the studios of resident artists in the center how important having a "brand" product is, especially in the beginning. At first people are attracted more to the type of work you do than you as an artist. I would love to have a studio in a setting like that where people can regularly come in and see you at work. As with any business though it is tough to get over the hump that allows you to both live and start full time. The first time I did it, I was receiving a small business development grant. In the meantime every hour of painting has to fight with employment home duties and relaxation. I have done some more on my beach painting. I have filled in most of the base colors, and am beginning to develop some areas. I am nowhere near the top layer anywhere yet though. You can see in the picture that I do use masking tap to sharply define discreet areas.
Well my alarm has gone off, so it is time to get ready for work. Catch you latter.

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