Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drawing from the lap top screen

It was quite exciting to have actually started this blog.  It has already achieved 2 things.  Firstly it has made me feel energized to actually paint.  I have found that when I have a lot of work sitting around doing nothing, I get a kind of creative log jam.  I believe that the blog will permit me to unblock that.  Today, a day off from work, I have been busy drawing up the latest painting.  At 24” x 36” it is, what is now my standard larger work.  Today I got most of the pencil drawing done, and have started to paint the drawing in.  I will have some pictures of that tomorrow. 
When I am drawing, I first grid up the canvas.  With this one I have used a 2” sq. grid.  I then transfer the picture straight from the screen of my laptop.  I do most of my photo manipulation with basic software, not Photoshop.  I mostly use ACDSee.  When I want to transfer more detail than the grid will allow, I crop a grid square.  The crop tool has its own grid that I can use as a guide.

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