Monday, June 20, 2011

Long term planing

Fawn on Blue Ridge Parkway oil, 8x10
I was able to at last do a little more painting. It is always time that has to be made. I have now finished the drawing part of the paintings and am ready to start blocking in. The drawing usually takes up the bulk of time. We have also picked out what I will enter into the annual Oil Painters of America competition (see picture ) It is small, only 8"x10" but I feel that it shows good handling of the oils. I actually rather work in acrylics, but they do not for some reason hold to aura of owning an original oil painting. I need to keep entering into these competitions, so am now starting to plan what I will enter a year from now. To be a finalist in one of them, a painting really needs to be a master piece. I am also looking for venues for a traveling exhibition of my latest body of work. For that I have to be working 18 months or so in the future. This planning I have let laps somewhat to my detriment.

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